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Madrid is one of Europe´s hottest destinations. Its lively nightlife, rich gastronomy, and friendly locals make it both attractive & unique for anyone seeking the perfect combination of history, shopping, food & entertainment.

There are hundreds of attractions in this city, so we have decided to make you a list of recommendations of where to go & what to do during your stay.

First day (Day time) Gran Via Avenue, Sunset at the “Debod” Temple

After settling in at the hotel, we recommend taking a stroll along the city’s main avenue "Gran Via" which is bustling with shops and theatre, and from there to Puerta del Sol - the most central point in Spain – “the zero point”.

The name of Plaza Puerta del Sol was given to it because it was built in the shape of a half-circle of which there are 9 rays, and these are the main streets where you can find cafés, restaurants and many other shops. The square is full of street performances and is always vibrant and full of character. However, it is important to remain vigilant of pick-pocketers here, as they are particularly prevalent in this area.

At sunset, we recommend you visit the Debod Temple, which is located at the edge of the Old City. It is an Ancient Egyptian temple originally built in Southern Egypt that was later transferred to Madrid. The building is highly impressive and unique, and the perfect spot for a sunset view, overlooking the exclusive “Casa de Campo” park.

First day - (Night time) Culinary Tapas Tour

As the famous quote says, “The army marches on its stomach”, and it is customary to start your evening in Madrid with a typical Spanish dinner, and the city certainly has a vast array of restaurants to choose from. A particularly fun idea is to take a culinary tour where you hop from one restaurant to another across several hours whilst trying different authentic Spanish dishes. By doing this, you will be able to taste a wide variety of Spanish food in just one evening, as well as receive local culinary guidance on the various restaurants & local cuisine that Madrid/Spain has to offer.

Second day (Day time) - A free tour of the city, a panoramic view

Following an indulgent breakfast, you can then join a free tour of Madrid, and along the monuments & palaces of the past you will encounter flamenco clubs, bull-fighting arenas, football legends and lots of other cultural attractions. The tour will take place across the Royal Theatre, the city´s main squares and among local culinary institutions who coined the word “tapas” which is now used all over the world. This is a must-do for anyone visiting the city and wants to feel its pace, and we recommend planning it at the beginning of your trip. The tour covers both Madrid´s main attractions as well as it´s more hidden treasures.

At the end of the tour you can enter the Royal Palace of Madrid - one of the largest and most opulent buildings in Europe where you will be impressed with 50 exhibition rooms out of over 3,000 marble palaces. The rooms are full of luxury furniture, portrait paintings of important figures in Spanish history and other surprises. Once you've been impressed with the palace, head to the stunning city views - on the roof of the Rio Hotel in Plaza Espana or at the Faro de Moncloa Observatory, where you can take perfect pictures and have a great opportunity to relax from the busy city life and watch quietly above the beautiful views of Madrid.

Second day (Night time) - Authentic Flamenco show

You may want to end the evening at a local Flamenco show. The Flamenco dance show, which is one of Spain's best-known symbols, gained international recognition in the 1980s thanks to big names by creators such as vocalist Cameron de Isla, guitarist Paco de Lucia and the Gipsy Kings band. During the performance, you will taste fine Spanish wine alongside local tapas, and watch a breathtaking performance.


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