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Day trip to Toledo from Madrid you will be able to get an impression of the magical medieval city

One of the most popular day trip destinations from Madrid is the city of Toledo. And it's really not for nothing. The magical city, which was once the capital of the Spanish kingdom, holds surprises that are suitable for everyone.

History lovers will find in Toledo the most fascinating secrets of the Spanish Empire. Geography lovers will be impressed by the gushing Tajo River that winds around the city. And lovers of sweets (that is, all of us) will enjoy the famous Toledo dessert – the amazing marzipan.

Whether you choose a guided tour, or just take a ride with us – you are guaranteed to enjoy all the aspects that the small town has to offer. So what's Toledo's secret that has made her more and more popular in recent years?

Fight windmills on the short ride from Madrid to Toledo

Toledo's magic begins long before you arrive. Already when leaving the territory of Madrid, and entering the territory of Castilla de la Mancha, it is impossible not to be captivated by the legendary charm.

Castilla de la Mancha is a province located south of Madrid, where the city of Toledo is located. It became famous mainly following the birth, growth and acting of the most famous literary figure in the history of Spanish literature. Yes yes, right here lived and acted (within the book, of course) Don Quixote, the work of 16th century writer Miguel de Cervantes.

On the trip to Toledo we see how the landscape changes and becomes more and more appropriate for the plot of the famous book. When you encounter windmills you will not be able to remain indifferent. You will understand how poor Don Quixote mistakenly thought they were giants. Do not worry, if you do not know what we are talking about – on the way we will explain everything to you.

Toledo, as we will reveal in a day tour, is a city of three religions

And when we enter the city itself, you will fully understand what its magic source is. The fascinating blend of the three great and important religions that operated in Spain in the Middle Ages has left its mark to this day in all aspects of life.

Jews, Muslims and Christians lived and worked in Toledo, the capital of the Middle Ages, in an inspiring

coexistence. Until the expulsion of non-Christians from the city, the city was a cultural, historical and culinary center of the three religions.

When different cultures are mixed but while maintaining respect and coexistence – fascinating things are created. Among them, you will be impressed by the impact this has on the architecture, on the language and of course on the food.

Want to discover more local Secretos? Sign up today for one of the best day trips from Madrid to Toledo, and you are guaranteed to stay with a taste of more.


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