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Get To Know The Most Secret Places in The Center of Madrid For Free!

The most secret places of the center of Madrid are those that are actually under the noses of the residents and tourists. No wonder those who are looking for the special places, can easily miss them... this is because they think they have already seen everything, while the truth is so far from it.

The city center of Madrid contains surprises that time and time again manage to surprise even the "gatas" (cats), who have always been residents of Madrid. Luckily we, after investigations and with the help of the local guides of the free tours in Madrid, reached everyone. Okay, maybe just for the most important ones.

The most secret places in the center of Madrid touch on a wide range of interests

The secret places of Madrid city center touch on a lot of areas. There are historical anecdotes, like the bakeries associated with forbidden love affairs in the royal house. There are other anecdotes, which relate to the emblem of the city of Madrid, and speak of the changing attitude of Spanish society towards women.

Other stories shed light on the part of the various leaders in the construction, or demolition, of the various parts of the city. And our favorite secrets in general have to do with food and sweets. After all, who does not like to experience things through the senses of taste and smell...

Our free tour of Madrid is the way to be exposed to all the secrets before everyone else, even before you are free to the rest of your visit to the city

So you're probably asking yourself now: Well, what's the magical secrets you're talking about so much? The thing is, we zealously guard them. Therefore, all we can reveal is that getting to the free tour of Madrid is definitely worth it.

Our local guide is not going to skimp. He will reveal to you all that we know. And that of course also means that you will get glimpses not only of the history of Madrid, but also of your future in the visit.

You will get great tips on how to continue your visit. What to see, where to eat, and what things you really should not miss.

Want to discover all the local secrets? Sign up today for the free tour of Classic Madrid. It's free! Promise you will not be disappointed


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