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The most special architectural tour in Madrid reveals a new face of the city

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Manhattan the Empire State Building, and Rome the Colosseum. But if you ask a random tourist around the world what architecture in Madrid has to offer – they could loss for words. No wonder those taking part in the Madrid architecture tour are surprised to discover how special Madrid is in this matter.

Madrid indeed is relatively young. Relative to other capital cities in Europe and in the world. London was founded in 43 AD, Rome in 753 BC, and Jerusalem in 3000 BC. Madrid was founded "only" in 1561. So is it really possible to find architectural treasures there?

The magic secret of architecture in Madrid is cultural diversity

As we see in our architecture tour of Madrid, the magic secret of architecture in Madrid is not necessarily the antiquities of the buildings. True, there are (almost) no archeological finds in Madrid that are thousands of years old. But what is so special is the rich cultural diversity.Over the past centuries, dozens of cultures have passed through the Iberian Peninsula in general and the Madrid region in particular. Cultures are very different from each other. The Arabs passed here, and the Vikings were here. Here were the Christians from one period, and the Christians from another period. There were kings and queens here, a dictator, republics and other international important figures.

Over the years there have been better times of coexistence, and less good times. But each culture has left a unique mark in the heart of the city, which is reflected in the language, the food, and of course also in the architecture.

Our professional guide goes through buildings in the center of Madrid. Some are famous, and for some you did not even notice when you passed them by. Some reflect ancient historical periods, and some are actually from modern times.

The many building styles are concentrated in a very small space cabin. Thus, with a minimum of walking, you will embark on an international and multicultural architectural journey. And all right in the heart of the city, which you just thought you already knew.

Want to discover more local Secretos? Sign up today for one of the architectural tours in Madrid, and you are guaranteed to stay with a taste of more.


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