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Our Story

► The perfect experience begins and ends with the people you meet!

The people who live and breathe Madrid

City Secreto is a boutique tourism company located in Madrid and specializes in organizing unique vacations and tours as well as promoting the artistic and cultural ties between Spain and the rest of the world.

Through the eyes of a local

The company has become a warm home for our customers, with the goal of providing the maximum experience through the eyes of a local.
We provide many complementary service packages so you can create your perfect tailormade vacation, from tours, gastronomy, professional photography services, workshops, performances, company events, transportation, as well as information and advice.


Deep connection with the place

The company works with the belief that good work is done through a deep connection with the locals who give us the best understanding of the cuisine and culture.
It is important to note that we are committed to providing the highest quality tours & experiences to our clients

Our star team

with selected staff who all live in Madrid, choosing local suppliers, professional training and providing a unique experience for our travelers.
Everyone we work with is hand-picked to provide the most unique and memorable experience.


Come and meet us!

With us you will taste, dance & breath the real Madrid, through our stories & our deep familiarity with the city´s history, colors & people, all of which make Madrid a tourist hotspot for millions around the world.

Contact us! We are here for you to make the best vacation you have ever been on!

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Join one of our tours!

All start in the center of Madrid



Art tour - Prado & Reina Sofia Skip-the-Line Guided Tour

Visit Spain's artistic treasures in two of the world's most important museums

From €39 

shutterstock_295905449 (1).jpg

    10% OFF    

Magical Toledo - Half Day Trip from Madrid with culinary tasting

Discover the glorious days of the Spanish Empire and enjoy a workshop of the famous Toledo marzipan known all throughout Spain

From €55



VIP Culinary tour: 3-Hour Gourmet experience for foodies

The best way to get to know the true authentic Madrid is through your stomach

From 65



Nightlife tour: 4 drinks, tapas and party experience

Experience Underground Madrid and drink fine alcohol in the city that doesn't sleep

From 45

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