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How can we keep on traveling in Madrid during Covid-19 times?

When the Corona virus came into our lives a few months ago, the optimistic instinct within us thought it was a matter of a few weeks, maybe a month or two – and we would return to doing what we love so much: guiding tourists around the city of Madrid with our best free walking tours in Madrid and professional guides.

A month has passed, two months have passed, and since March it has been more than six months since the Corona virus has shown no signs that it intends to leave soon. At the same time, lots of businesses, and entire markets in Spain and around the world, have learned to adapt to the new situation and do what they do safely during Covid-19 times.

free graffiti and street art walking tour duirng Covid-19 times
free graffiti and street art walking tour duirng Covid-19 times

Free tours in Madrid are possible during Covid-19 Times

We believe that within the framework of maintaining health and the sometimes-annoying limitations, we must find a way to continue with our daily routine, including our Madrid unique free tours, as much as possible!

What does this mean? This means that the restaurants in Madrid have not closed their gates, they have only increased the distance between the tables, and are mindful about face masks and hand sanitizers, and offer more deliveries – so you can enjoy the service safely on Covid-19 times. This means that universities have invested resources in adapting to online learning, and knowledge and research will continue to pass from teachers to students in a new format. And that means tourism in Madrid durin Covid-19 times is still alive and kicking – just with a face mask and maybe one or two more changes.

Our Covid-19 measurments that will ensure your safety

At City Secreto we care deeply about the health and safety of our customers – more than anything else. But that does not mean that the tours and experiences we have in Madrid have to disappear from the world for such a long time, but that we simply are going to make the necessary adjustments:

• The size of the groups in the free tours and any other tour or experience in Madrid will be limited to 10 participants.

• We will use face masks on the tours.

• We will maintain the physical distance within the group.

• We will avoid entering crowded areas along the tours.

• Our professional guides will take care of our hand hygiene and that of all our customers.

free "Money Heist" walking tour duirng Covid-19 times
free "Money Heist" walking tour duirng Covid-19 times

There is a children's story about a little gardener who wants to plant flowers in his garden, but a large, wilted tree bothers him. He asks the tree to go, to clear the area, he even tries to push it out – but the tree stays in its place. When he cries and despairs, the gardener decides to simply ignore the ugly tree, and plant flowers around it – and never look at the tree again. And so, unknowingly, because of the cultivation of the land and the watering of the flowers, the tree is resurrected and blooms like it has never flowered before.

Our best tours in Madrid are still ongoing

We have stopped waiting for the Covid-19 to disappear, and we are proud to launch our free walking tours, culinary tours, historic tours every day, private tours, authentic Madrid experiences and way more – all under all the necessary restrictions of Covid-19 in Madrid. We believe we can start making the difference, bring back tourism for all those who care about it, and hope to invite you all very soon to join!

And what do you think about tourism on Covid-19 times? Can we have a free walking tour in Madrid with the new adaptation? Can you experience Madrid with your family still? Write thoughts, suggestions or anything you like in the comments – we would love to hear your opinion :-)


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