3 Things not to be Missed on a Day Tour from Madrid to Segovia

A day tour from Madrid to Segovia surprisingly begins with a rather short drive. The city of Segovia is about 88 kilometers from the city of Madrid. Although Madrid is very high, and is the highest capital city in European Union, in the height competition Segovia wins: Segovia rises to a height of over 1000 meters, which explains how every winter it is easily painted in festive white.

Day tour to Segovia starts in a short ride from Madrid

It is no coincidence that Segovia received the coveted title of a World Heritage Site from UNESCO. The city hides a fascinating history, mesmerizing architecture and flavors that you will not be able to taste anywhere else in Spain.

So that you do not miss anything during a day trip you make from Madrid to Segovia, we have prepared for you the list with the three things you must not miss!

1. The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia which is not far from Madrid

The Roman Aqueduct - a must seen in Segovia as part od the day tour from Madrid

The Roman aqueduct which was built on the orders of the emperor Traianus in the first half of the first century AD (25—30 years) and is the symbol of Segovia. Tens of thousands of slaves from around the Roman Empire participated in the construction of the aqueduct.

The aqueduct of Segovia has 166 arches supported by simple frames that stabilize the structure. The width of the arches on the upper level is 5.1 meters, compared to 4.5 meters on the lower level. The highest point in the aqueduct reaches 28.5 meters.

The aqueduct has become the undisputed symbol of the city of Segovia. On a day tour to Segovia from Madrid we will stop at the best observation point from which you can be impressed by the aqueduct in all its glory.

2. The Elbow House - Casa de los Picos

The "House of the Elbows" was built in the 15th century before the expulsion from Spain and was Jewish-owned. After the deportation of the Jews, the house was purchased by the Hoz (sickle) family, a family of converted and very wealthy Jews. The family had a problem because in the famous house the name "Jewish House" stuck as a derogatory nickname.

The new homeowners who did not like the "insult" decided to build something unusual that

The surprising architecture of Segovia hides many secrets

would uproot the previous name, so they incorporated about 365 cut stones in the shape of diamonds, or elbows, that show the strength and of course the wealth of the family. This was successful because since then the house has been called by all the "House of the Elbows" or "House of the 1000 Elbows".

There are many urban legends about the house, the most famous of which is that under one of the elbows hides a treasure. And this is not the only building in Segovia that hides lots of secrets…

3. And our hidden secret: where you can taste the best local special cake along with fine red wine

The speciality of Segovia - the cake named after the city

A visit to Segovia cannot be complete without eating the local cake, named after the city. The rectangular cake consists of layers of a classic roulade soaked in sugar syrup, topped with egg yolk cream patisserie. The whole cake is covered with a thin layer of rolled marzipan.

A fine Rioja wine will help you lower the cake down your throat smoothly, leaving you with a wonderful taste of Segovia. The color of the wine produced from dark red Tempranillo grapes and has a strong fruity taste, it oxidizes slowly, and these wines are aged in barrels and later also in bottles for many years.

So what is Segovia's famous cake called? Well, we do not so easily reveal all our secrets...

The Cathedral of Segovia is only one more example of a not-to-be-missed site as part of the day tour from Madrid

Want to discover all the local secrets? Sign up today for one of the day tours from Madrid to Segovia at the most affordable price on the market, and you are guaranteed to stay with a taste of more.

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