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3 Free Tours in Madrid That You Must Participate, Whether You Are a Tourist or a Local

Madrid is a city that never ceases to amaze anyone – no matter if you came to it a few days ago or if you have lived there for 12 generations of a family. The most fascinating feature of Madrid is that each of its neighborhoods has a completely different character from the neighborhood next to it.

If you have arrived for a short visit of a few days, it is important for us to recommend you the three free tours in Madrid that you should not miss. This way, without leaving the city center, you can enjoy a variety of aspects of the city. We are sure that in each of them you will feel as if you have jumped into a completely different city.

1. Free Tour of Historic Classic Madrid

The first free tour that is a must for any visitor and well worth attending at the beginning of the visit is the free tour of historic Madrid.

With a local guide familiar with the most hidden secrets of the Old City, you will discover in a tour of about three hours fascinating pieces of history, impressive buildings and stories of revolutions, weddings, food and battles that will leave you speechless.

By the way, even on this tour we manage to surprise the locals who join us for the free tour of Madrid in Spanish. Which means we're really familiar with some of the city's secrets...

2. Free Tour Following the Street Art in the Madrid Underground

Not far from the historic center of classic Madrid, is the Lavapiés neighborhood, laden with graffiti on just about every corner: on the walls of houses, shutters of shops, signposts and colorful squares.

The street art of Madrid is not just art, but the fascinating story of a neighborhood, and more importantly, the fascinating stories of the people. The same people who make Lavapiés and Madrid such special.

The two-hour free tour is accompanied by a local guide who lives in the neighborhood itself, and includes stories we received from the artists themselves, tasting food that exemplifies the neighborhood's multiculturalism, and of course engaging in street art itself.

3. Free Tour Following the "Money Heist" Series in Madrid

Finally, whether you are a fan of the successful Netflix series or have just heard its name, the tour following the series is an unforgettable experience.

The tour, which lasts about three hours (and is free on Mondays), starts in the city center, moves to the most important places in the series, and ends in Madrid's famous El Retiro Park.

This is not a regular tour, but an interactive game with competition between teams and worthy prizes.

It is no coincidence that the press in Spain chose to write articles about us following this tour, a tour that touches tens of millions of fans of the Money Heist series all over the world.

And why should you take free tours of Madrid? We have prepared for you a list of the 6 best reasons, do not miss.

Want to discover more local Secretos? Sign up today for one of the best free tours in Madrid, and you are guaranteed to stay with a taste of more.

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