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Toledo on a Day Tour Departing From Madrid as You Never Knew Before

Not for nothing is Toledo the favorite destination for a day trip departing from Madrid. On the one hand, the city is close enough not to spend all day traveling – less than 80 kilometers south and you are already on a tour full of experiences in Toledo. On the other hand, it is not a compromising experience: Toledo is one of the most fascinating ancient cities of Spain, where you can enjoy a variety of types of experiences that will work best for all your senses.

If you are travelling to Madrid for a few days, a day trip from Madrid to Toledo can upgrade your experience of visiting the Spanish capital. After all, the one that was the capital of the largest Spanish kingdom until the days of Felipe II is actually Toledo, not Madrid. Madrid is surprisingly one of the youngest capital cities in Europe.

Toledo is one of the strongest testimonies that still exists in modern-day Spain for its rich multicultural history. Not for nothing Toledo is named: City of the Three Religions. So what's so special about a guided day trip from Toledo to Madrid?

A day trip to Toledo from Madrid reveals to you a face of Spain that you did not know

Toledo overlooks the famous Tajo River, which cuts all of Spain lengthwise until it enters Portugal and empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Lisbon. The walls of Toledo's impressive fortifications saw everything in the centuries of their existence.

The most striking feature of Toledo as can be experienced on a day tour departing from Madrid to Toledo is the multiculturalism that was and is not. Synagogues with the names of churches, churches with names of mosques, mosques that have become monasteries, and more – all these are just a few examples of the mixture that was, and is now trying to recover.

During the best day tour out of Madrid you can have time to walk among the huge cultures of that period, and feel with your feet and eyes the famous common life of Spain, the "La Convivencia" (the coexistence).

On a day tour from Madrid to Toledo, you not only experience history: art, craftsmanship and of course unforgettable tastes

The tour from Madrid to Toledo works within a few hours on all your senses. Artistically, you will get to see from the famous paintings of one of Spain's greatest artists of all times, El Greco, a native of Toledo.

Toledo is known for being a traditional sword maker, so you can also see how swords are made, from the incandescent stage to the sharpening.

But all this dwarfs the most delicious experience throughout the day: the tasting of one of the most famous Spanish desserts whose origin is none other than the city of Toledo. During the visit you will participate in an interactive workshop on how to prepare it, so that after the tour in Toledo that left Madrid you can recreate the success and flavors at home.

Do you know what dessert it is? We're not going to write its name here. After all, we do not easily reveal all our secrets...

Want to discover more local Secretos? Sign up today for one of the best day trips from Madrid to Toledo, and you are guaranteed to stay with a taste of more.


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