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Where to find the best pastry shops and sweets in Madrid?

The world is divided into two types of people: those who say they love sweets, and those who lie. We all love sweets, in all shapes and all types. As we see in our sweets and pastry shops tour, there is no place to get to know through it the sweets of the glorious Spanish heritage more than the capital, the city of Madrid.

The pastry shops and sweets in Madrid are, like other aspects of the city of Madrid, a fascinating blend of dozens of cultures and hundreds of years. The many incarnations that have taken place on the Iberian Peninsula have left their impressions in all areas of life, with undoubtedly the sweetest among them being the field of confectionery, pastry and sweets.

Come on a tour of the sweets and pastry in Madrid to get to know queens, generals, confectioners and the connection between them and Madrid

The city of Madrid, the capital of the Kingdom of Spain since the 16th century, has had great generals, playwrights, kings and queens, explorers, clerics and celebrities – as well as confectioners of all ranks and tastes. In the most beautiful times of the empire and even in its most difficult days, the confectioners were always there to bring comfort to the people, to inspire the royal house, and most of all to bring in the most historical sense possible – a good reason to move forward.

Our tour following confectioneries and sweets in Madrid begins at Isabel II Square, and not without reason. As we explain in the best tour following the confectioneries and sweets in Madrid, although she earned the not particularly happy nickname "Isabella of the Sad Destinies", but the truth is that her life was particularly sweet. We will not send you home without sweetening your day with a particularly fascinating story about the secret (perhaps not so secret) affair with the lucky confectioner – and the consequences of this affair that can be seen to this day in Madrid.

Get to know the best sweets pastry and confectioneries in Madrid on a tour that combines history and tastings

On our tour of sweets and pastry we go for a delicious journey from the Churros, through a surprise that came to us from Segovia to royal delicacies with surprises inside – and we will end at the candy factory that is proud of the fact that Alfonso XIII bought there candies for his wife Victoria Eugenia.

And how does all this relate to tiles made of almonds? To know the answer to this question, you will need to join one of the tours following confectioneries and sweets in Madrid. We do not easily reveal all our secrets...

Want to discover more local Secretos? Sign up today for one of the best sweets pastry and confectionery tours in Madrid, and you are guaranteed to stay with a taste of more.

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