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Third day - Visit the flea market and take a trip to Magical Toledo

On Sundays, there is a flea market in Madrid called “El Rastro”, which is probably the largest flea market in Spain and has existed for the past 400 years. The market is spread out over several sheets throughout the bustling La Latina neighborhood. It is worth stopping off for a beer & some tapas between the many booths and stalls. Following a morning tour of the market, we recommend you visit Toledo, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Less than an hour´s drive away, you will be exposed to the glamour of the Spanish Empire, whose city of Toledo served as a cultural center for Jews, Muslims & Christians who all lived and coexisted there.

Toldeo is a beautiful old city surrounded by a river and has historical gems on almost every corner. Among the major sites to see in the city, we recommend Zokodover Square, the Cathedral of Primada de Toledo, the El Transito Synagogue, the ancient Mikvah, the Plaza Mayor, the Church of Santo Tome, the house of painter El Greco, and more. Toledo can be reached from Madrid independently, though it is recommended to join a tour that stops at panoramic vantage points on the surrounding Tajo River and with a local guide who knows the history behind those sites. If you are already in Toledo don't forget to taste the worldwide famous marzipan!

Fourth day (Day time) - Trendy shopping, graffiti exploring

Shopping is one of the biggest reasons to visit Madrid, and the city has huge shopping centers on almost every corner. One of the most well-known shopping centers is El Corte Ingles. There are 13 El Corte Ingles Branches in Madrid alone, with each having at least 7 floors. You can easily spend a good few hours in each shopping center, which is an attraction all on its own. Another option for shopping, is of course the largest Primark in Europe, a five-storey mall located on Gran Via, where you can find a variety of clothing for the entire family at decent quality and at extremely cheap prices.

After relaxing from shopping, it is recommended to stroll through the trendy areas of Madrid - La Latina and Lavapiés. These neighborhoods are the "Madrid's underground" area and are significantly less touristy than The Gran Via area, for example. In these neighborhoods, there are many walls dedicated to graffiti artists who convey messages with their colorful paintings, usually related to various issues in the neighborhood or city. It is recommended to take a guided tour of this area,