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The New Season Of Money Heist - Are You Ready To Continue The Adventure?

Netflix's most successful Spanish series, "Money Heist", is embarking on a new journey. Will this be the robbers' latest adventure? Will the professor manage to get out of the traps this time as well? And will we have to say goodbye to other beloved characters?

For all these questions, like you, we have no answers. We adore this series just like you! But what we can guarantee is that our experience following the "Money Heist" series in Madrid is only going to get better...

How is our tour preparing itself for the new season of "Money Heist"?

Our tour was born out of a great love for the series. The reason why the series was so successful, is mainly because of the identification that the creators were able to create with us towards the gang of robbers. In addition, the complexity of the professor's moves ignited the imagination among many of the viewers. And yes, our imagination as well.

Our tour following the series does not focus on its filming sites. The tour goes straight to the real thing - and wanders the main places downtown where the series takes place. This way you can feel with your legs and other senses just as if you are part of the series.

Over the past few months we have been trying to guess, like a lot of viewers from around the world, where the fifth season will lead us. Spain's central bank is probably still a major player. But maybe the series will reveal more places in the city that we can add to our experiential tour?

Our tour is far from a regular tour: it is a whole unique interactive experience

Our tour following the series, and so it will be with the release of the new season of "Money Heist", is an experience for all ages. The professor will lead you through the streets of Madrid through the main points of interest of the series. At the same time, you will have to crack riddles in order to win the prize.

During the preparations for the tour we met "Berlin", who promised to join our tour himself. Another time we met a more secondary actor of the series, who gave us some spoilers about the new season of "Money Heist", and was very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the tour.

Want to know what the spoilers we got? Well... we do not so easily reveal all our Secretos. To find out, you will need to join a tour following the "Money Heist" series. And if you want the prize, you will also have to use your head well ...

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