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Free "La Casa de papel" Walking Tour in Madrid – Leaving the screen and going out to the streets

During the Covid-19 times, Netflix viewership, naturally, increased enormously. This is really not surprising. Without the possibility of getting out of the house, suddenly many hours a day became available and we had to fill them in somehow.

One of the most popular series on Netflix, which also opened up an opportunity for the world to get a little out of the English language and move to the Spanish language, is the successful series "Money Heist", or in its Spanish name – "La Casa de Papel". The series tells the story of a colorful and special band of robbers, who gather around the ideological "professor" to steal money – without stealing it from anyone!

The idea in the first season is to print money in the royal mint of Spain, and already after that, millions of hearts around the world were captivated by the magic of the series. In the second season, in which the creative robbery of the gold reserves of the Bank of Spain is planned, which is in the heart of Madrid, and we of course visit it as part of the free walking tour following the series "La Casa de Papel" – the ratings were simply broke the record, and rightly so.

The free walking tour following the series "Money Heist" combines history, mystery and challenging riddles

The free walking tour following the series "Money Heist" fascinatingly combines the history of the gold of the Spanish Empire, and the main points of interest of the series in central Madrid. On top of these, the free tour of "la Casa de Papel" in Madrid is very interactive, where participants have to crack a code using not easy puzzles along the route, and in the end only the correct solvers will get the key to the treasure box with the prize.

As we see in the walking tour following the series, the history of Spanish gold is fascinating, and is blended with the history of the city of Madrid and the Spanish Empire. In addition, the free tour following the series gives an opportunity to get to know areas in Madrid that tourists, and even quite a few locals, have not yet gotten to know.

During the free walking tour following the series "La Casa de Papel" in Madrid jump on the thin line between imagination and reality

The successful series has ignited among many people questions about the origin of Spain's gold, how much of it really exists, and whether it can be reached at all. During the tour we answer all the doubts and questions, and even give tips to those who plan to commit such a robbery (spoiler: do not even try, it is impossible)...

During the free walking tour following the series "La Casa de Papel" in Madrid we will talk about the problematic origins of gold, its (partial) current location, and actually see in our eyes part of the security system of the gold bullion of the Spanish Empire, one of the greatest empires of all time, and understand very quickly how difficult the mission is.

Think you can break the code and win the mysterious prize? Is the history of Spanish gold fascinating to you too? Want to discover more local Secretos?

You can finally get off the screen, and experience by foot the successful Netflix series "Money Heist" during the free walking tour following the series.

Join one of our best free tours following the series "La Casa de Papel", and we guarantee you will end up amazed and with a (sweet) taste of more :-)


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