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Madrid Tapas Tour – Why Is Madrid The Best Place For Tapas and Markets Tour?

Spain is special in so many aspects. The music, the dancing, the architecture. But one of the most special aspects, which we encounter on the Madrid Tapas tour, is of course the food.

Spanish food is special mainly because of its fascinating history. Dozens of conquests over the Iberian Peninsula, the place that for thousands of years was considered the end of the world, shaped, among other things, its cuisine.

So why of all the places in Spain is Madrid the perfect place to Tapas tour? We have a lot of answers, but it's important to us that you know the three most important ones!

1. A tour of Tapas in Madrid as the geographical center of Spain

As mentioned, Spain has undergone countless conquests. This created a situation where there are many peoples that make up the Iberian Peninsula. And we have not yet talked about the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands…

Madrid has been the capital of Spain for about 500 years. In addition, it is also located in the physical center of the country. This created a situation where all the foods of the various peoples, at one time or another, came to Madrid. In other words - in Madrid you can enjoy a Tapas tour with the most delicious and interesting variety.

2. Madrid is the largest city in Spain, so it has the most Tapas places

Madrid is not only the capital, it is also the largest city of Spain. The city itself has more than three million inhabitants. In the province - almost eight million.

So not only is there unprecedented international diversity. But there are also huge amounts of restaurants and tapas bars. That way, when we put together our Madrid Tapas tour, we could carefully choose from many thousands of places and dishes. Do not worry, of course we have chosen the best. Which brings us to the next point.

3. Because we know the best places

Our team at City Secreto, is made up of locals only. This way we could choose the best places in favor of a Tapas tour and the markets in Madrid.