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Discover all the secrets of the markets of Madrid through all the senses

Madrid is a big city. A huge city. Millions of residents populate the city for its dozens of neighborhoods. An integral part of the urban landscape is of course the markets. And the secrets of Madrid's markets are without a doubt one of the most special things the city has to offer.

When we think of a market, we imagine fruits and vegetables, fish and meat. But the markets of Madrid are much more than that. As we see, taste, smell and touch in our markets and Tapas tour, the sheer variety is one of the most wonderful ways to get into the heart of the city, and better understand what makes it one of the most popular cities in the world.

Markets' secrets of Madrid go through flowers, Tapas and olives

One of the most beautiful features of the city of Madrid, is that each neighborhood carries a unique character. Even within the city center, which maintains a reasonable size where one can easily reach on foot from place to place, every neighborhood is a world in and of itself.

And there is nothing like the local market of each neighborhood to be able to get a glimpse into its heart. Madrid has one of the most colorful flower markets in the city in one neighborhood, and next to it the black

market that has become one of the largest flea markets in Europe. In another neighborhood, you can find the indoor and aesthetic market with hundreds of types of Tapas to choose from (and what's more Spanish than eating tapas in the middle of the day).

And alongside the special markets, there are the traditional markets, offering the ultimate Spanish merchandise. From traditional ingredients, through delicious food, to desserts that will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth. Oh, the olives, the olives ... just for them it was worth it to get on our markets and Tapas tour.

When history and food meet – the way to get to know the city

The secrets of the city's markets are not only fascinating, but also an interactive and multi-sensory way to get to know Madrid.

On our market tour we hear stories, smell flowers, taste various tapas and olives, touch antiques and see an infinity of colors of history, culinary and above all – people.

So what are you waiting for? We invite you to sign up today for the most interactive tour of the markets and Tapas in the city and get to know with us all the secrets of the markets of Madrid. Do not worry, everything is included... Hungry and thirsty you will not leave the tour, but only with a taste of more.


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