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Madrid Offers One of the Most Special Tapas and Food Tours, Surprising Many people

When we think of Europe and food, usually the first name that comes to mind is Italy. The second name on the list, if you do a street survey, is mostly France. But the truth is, as we reveal it in Madrid on our tapas and food tour, is that Spain can easily compete for first place.

You're probably wondering how that is possible. And the reason is, that the spices of food in Madrid do not come down only to the sense of taste. If you go on the adventure with us, you will discover how the spices of the historical story add interest. And how the spices of the geographical aspect are fascinating. You will discover how Madrid fits into all this mixed salad, of fairy tales, of kings and queens, of conquests and wars. And, of course, of wonderful flavors.

In Madrid the tapas and food tour treats all types of flavors

One of the most special things about our tapas and food tour is that it will go through all the flavors with you. From the bitter taste of Spanish coffee, through the salty taste of the most famous Spanish delicacy, Jamón Ibérico. We will continue with the sweet-sour taste of one of the most famous wines of northern Spain, and we will also go over particularly spicy surprises – for the brave only!

And the highlight, without a doubt, is our sweet tasting. So Spanish, so sweet – and so secretive... we will not easily reveal here what dessert we are talking about.

Madrid connects the national and the personal, between the historical and the modern, and between taste and emotion

In Madrid our tapas and food tour is not limited to food and drinks only. Definitely not. During the tour we will meet fascinating people, residents of Madrid since time immemorial. People whose roots have been planted in Spain for centuries.

These are the people who will link us to the fascinating history of the Iberian Peninsula. And with their help we will also understand how Spain has become a magnet for so many types of food, so many types of drinks, and so many flavors.

We are sure that each and every one of the foods and drinks you will receive in Madrid on the tapas and food tour, which are all of course included in the price of the tour, will have guarantors for your palate. But beyond that, the stories behind them will add another flavor to you. So that your soul will also be filled, and you will come out a little bit different at the end of the tour.

Want to know what we're talking about? Join the hundreds of tourists who have already experienced our Madrid tapas and food tour, and we guarantee you will be left with a taste of more.


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