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Three Religions, Three Talks, Three Tastings – A Tour to Toledo From Madrid

Madrid, the current capital of Spain, is not far from Toledo. Not many know, but in fact Toledo was the Spanish capital until about 500 years ago. Madrid was only one of the satellite cities of Toledo, the big city. Therefore, a tour of Toledo departing from Madrid is the most ideal, in all aspects.

The number three is one of the most sacred and useful numbers, in all aspects of life. In nature, religion, art and engineering, the triangle is a strong number, a stable number, a meaningful number. And there is nothing like the city of three religions, which is the city of Toledo, to enjoy a variety of activities related to this number.

So that you can understand a little better what we are talking about, we have prepared for you a list of "threes" in which we operate as part of our tour of Toledo that leaves Madrid. And how many such threes are there, you must ask? The answer is, of course – three.

1. Three religions – the best reason to go on a tour of Toledo from Madrid

Toledo was the capital of Spain at a time when the Iberian Peninsula was a center of fascinating coexistence. Christians, Jews and Muslims lived side by side, inspired one another, and created unprecedented mutual enrichment.

Although then came the mass deportations or conversions of the Jews and Muslims. But Toledo still gives a glimpse into the glorious coexistence life. The architecture, archeology and language are just a few examples of what we will see in the tour that pertains to the three religions.

2. Three talks – while traveling, in the open air and indoors

The tour to Toledo, which departs from Madrid, is spread over an entire day. During it you can also rest, do not worry. But we will make sure to take advantage of every moment so that you can make the most of this fascinating day.

Thus, already on the bus ride, we will start with stories related to the Spanish province to which we are traveling, Castilla de la Mancha. When you see the windmills from the window, you will better understand what we are talking about...

During the day there are two more types of talks. The first type is of course in the streets and alleys of Toledo. The best way to get to know history and culture is by feet. The other type is indoors, with all entrance tickets included in the tour price.