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The Hottest Tour in Lavapiés Following the Graffiti and Street Art of Madrid

No wonder everyone learns and enjoys the graffiti and street art tour of Madrid: locals and tourists, young and old, artists and beginners – all manage to find their place on the best graffiti tour following the Lavapiés neighborhood. So what's the magic secret?

We at City Secreto have discovered the recipe for the most delicious and rich graffiti and street art tour in Madrid. The secret is that graffiti is always in context, not just a work of art in a museum, for example. In the case of the graffiti of Madrid, the museum is simply the neighborhood, Lavapiés.

Curatorship is one of the most interesting professions in the art world. For example, as we see in our free tour of the Prado Museum or our free tour of the Reina Sofía Museum, the choice of where to place each work, next to which other works, and how to design the exhibition space – all of these affect our experience, the viewers, and our connection to the work. From its interpretation, through the emotional connection to it and until the identification with it in many cases.

In the case of the street art of Madrid, the curators are nothing but the artists, the exhibition spaces are nothing but the walls and squares of Lavapiés, and the access to the works is so unmediated that you are guaranteed an extraordinary experience.

Get to know the neighborhood through a free graffiti tour in Madrid

In every type of art, and especially in street art and graffiti, there are more secrets than revealed things. We at City Secreto followed the artists as much as we could, asking them questions in order to reveal as much details as possible for the free tour following the street art and graffiti in Madrid.

In order to make the experience more than just an art tour, and to get to know the neighborhood as part of the tour following the graffiti of Madrid, the guide is one of the neighborhood, he lives there, and knows the atmosphere, character, residents, and all the spices that make the work on Lavapiés streets so special.

Apart from the fact that the guide is from Lavapiés, the graffiti and street art neighborhood of Madrid, as part of the tour there is a surprise that includes, among other things, personal stories of the neighborhood's residents, immigrants, whom you will hear firsthand.

Understand street art in a way that is inseparable from the artist's understanding of the neighborhood and the city on a free street art tour in Madrid

In the past graffiti was a means of communication between mafias, and is considered to belong more to the world of vandalism than the world of art. Today graffiti and street art in Madrid and around the world are works of art for all intents and purposes.

As part of the tour following graffiti and street art in Madrid we see on the one hand underground works made at night and appearing in the morning without anyone signing them, and on the other hand also works commissioned and funded by the City of Madrid.

To a large extent this is the story of the neighborhood as a whole. To walk the seam between the ordinary and the unusual, between the establishment and the underground of Madrid, between art that is on the verge of vandalism, and vandalism that is a screaming art from the first line.

What exactly do we mean? We will not reveal all our secrets here. To get to know and experience and taste and hear more about the neighborhood and its inseparable connection from the graffiti and street art of Madrid, you will need to join one of the tours. We do not easily reveal all our secrets ...

Want to discover more local Secretos? Sign up today for one of the best graffiti and street art tours in Madrid, and you are guaranteed to stay with a taste of more.


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