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Behind the Walls on the Best Street Art Tour in Lavapiés-Madrid

Anyone who loves Madrid already knows why they loves it: in Madrid there is a place for everyone. Madrid has all of everything. At the crossing of one road, behind a park or square, you really just have to cross the corner – and a new world opens up for you, as if it was a completely different city. This conclusion will hit you hardest after the Free Tour of Street Art and Graffiti in Madrid.

So you can spend many hours in the old center of Madrid, moving from Puerta del Sol Square to Plaza Mayor, from there to the old Royal Palace in front of the Opera House. Be impressed by the classic sculptures, the mix of diverse building styles, and hear about the history of the Spanish Empire from the days of Felipe II to Felipe VI, the current King of Spain.

Crossing one road you can find yourself in a completely different city, for example the colorful Chueca neighborhood, where we pass on our Tour following the LGBTQ Community of Madrid, which boasts of being the most liberal home of members of the community of Madrid, Spain and indeed the whole world. But if you crossed in a slightly different direction, you would rather come to the Malasaña neighborhood, where the lively nightlife will not let you rest even for one moment. Not for nothing is she the center of our visit on the Nightlife Tour of Madrid.

Lavapiés – the richest location of Street Art and Graffiti in Madrid

At the same walking distance from the heart of Madrid you can easily find yourself in the enchanting neighborhood Lavapiés, the neighborhood that for decades has maintained a dialogue between residents trying to preserve its authentic intercultural character and the inevitable gentrification process. Amidst all this salad, with restaurants and shops from India and Pakistan, China and Japan, Morocco and Senegal, and endless other countries and cultures, the most vibrant Street Art and Graffiti scene of Madrid has emerged.

As we see in the Best Street Art tour in Madrid, quantity is not meant to compensate for quality. Each painting, from the smallest to the largest, contains an entire history, of tensions, of acceptance of the other, of social struggles and of unprecedented empathy between the local population and the immigrant population.

Best Free Street Art and Graffiti Tour in Madrid

The Free Walking Tour following the Graffiti in Madrid begins on the banks of the magical neighborhood of La Latina, and from there embarks on an unforgettable journey between the walls of Lavapiés. The street art in Madrid revealed on the Free Walking Tour will excite you, among other things, the fact that everything in the neighborhood is a work surface for creative graffiti artists: from store walls to walls of private homes, from lighting poles and traffic signs to ancient walls of institutions, closed shutters of shops and the busiest squares along all day and night in the most multicultural neighborhood of Madrid – Lavapiés.

The graffiti artists who come from all over the world will accompany us on a Free Walking Street Art Tour in Madrid, hear their personal stories, the story of the artwork itself, and the very special connection between the two and the city of Madrid. During the tour you will already feel for yourself what the special charm of Madrid is, in which, as mentioned, there is room for everyone. Oh, and there are also some secrets we'll keep to ourselves. In such a special neighborhood, it is impossible to stay without secrets...

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