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The Best Gay Bars in Madrid, The Proud Capital of Europe

Madrid is one of the most proud cities in Europe. And quite a few proudly awarded it the title: the proudest capital in the world. Anyone who knows a little about the history of Madrid and Spain, knows that this achievement is really not obvious. Therefore, the best proud bars are in Madrid for a reason!

In Madrid you can find many interesting and fun places related to the proud community. Of course they are mostly visited by LGBTQ community members, but don't get confused. They really have no exclusivity over these places. Anyone can go there, be impressed, enjoy and most importantly drink and have fun in each of these places.

If you've been a bit into things, you've probably heard of the Chueca neighborhood, Madrid's proud district. Hundreds of bars, clubs, specialty food stalls, and of course relevant shops… And everything, in a very small area.

So that you do not get lost, we have prepared for you a list (very partial of course) of some of the best proud bars and places in Madrid. Ready? Let's get going!

1. You & Me – the perfect place for Eurovision fans

This cute and relatively new place in the center of Chueca became famous mainly thanks to its dance evenings. The dances, as mentioned before, often revolve around Eurovision songs.

So if you're in the nostalgic mood, and like all of us are fans of the biggest hits (and also the least successful "hits") of the Eurovision for generations – you've come to the right place. There is tolerance for gays, that much is clear. But there is also tolerance for counterfeiters, we know from experience.

2. La Pollería – The controversial place that never ceases to attract community members or just curious people

In panadería they prepare bread, Pan in Spanish. In pescadería they sell fish, pescado in Spanish. So what do they sell in pollería?

So we will not tell you exactly where it comes from, look for it yourself. But we promise you that if you join us on a tour following the LGBTQ community in Madrid, you will not be disappointed. The tasting (which is what attracts so many people) – on us.

3. LL Bar – The most amazing drag queens in Madrid, Spain and possibly all over the world

Spain has a long history of drag queens. And their center, is without a doubt Madrid. Therefore, those looking for the best proud bars in Madrid, cannot skip a visit to one of the best drug clubs.

As part of our tour following the gay community in Madrid, we enter this wonderful club. Beyond some of the alcoholic surprises included in the tour, we assure you that such a drag show – you have never seen.

So in short, if you are looking for the best gay bars in Madrid, and you do not want to get lost, feel free to join us. Our tour following the LGBTQ community of Madrid is not just a pub crawl. We get to know the community, its history, and of course enjoy an unforgettable night in one of the gayest neighborhoods in Europe!

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