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Madrid, the new chocolate capital of Spain

Usually when we think about European chocolates some countries will pop on your mind immediately. Belgium, Switzerland or even Italy compete for the position of the best chocolate in Europe.

But now, thanks to advance artisan techniques it is possible to have chocolate factories in the most unusual places.

One of this places is Madrid, Spain. Spanish chocolatiers dates back hundreds of years ago during the colonial times. Chocolate was brought from America to Spain and then mix with milk to produce new flavors and consistency. Over the years those techniques has been improving and evolving. Nowadays Spain is one of the largest chocolate consumers in Europe. Chocolate in Madrid is a very traditional thing.

It's impossible to think about Churros without thinking about chocolate caliente, the special hot chocolate drink that accompany this traditional fried dish.

It is very common as a breakfast, an afternoon snack or even a sweet dessert after dinner. In any case, churros con chocolate are an inseparable tradition in Spanish cuisine.

But what happens now during the XXI century? New brands of chocolate are emerging inside the big cities to create new flavors, new presentations and new sensations around chocolate. Madrid is one of these cities, Madrid Chocolate is becoming famous.

During our markets tour and sweets tour we will experience first hand the new fashion trend regarding chocolates in Madrid.

We will meet face to face the creator of one of the newest chocolate factories in Madrid and will learn about the process from bringing the cocoa beans to Spain all the way until the chocolate is ready to eat right in your hands. A unique experience recommended for people all ages with a sweet taste included.

Join us in our tour and come enjoy the new chocolate revival in the capital of Spain.

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