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Free Walking Tour for Christmas in Madrid

As every year, the month of December (and maybe even a little earlier) is the month in which Madrid wears holiday clothes, and is adorned with thousands of meters of special lights and colors. As we see in our free walking tour of the classic historic center of Madrid, there are several focal points and not just one focal point of the Christmas decorations.

This is due to one of the most "Madrileño" characteristics of Madrid: Madrid has a space for everyone! Each neighborhood in Madrid has its own character, and this is also reflected in the type of decorations, the amount of decorations, and in general – in the unique atmosphere that exists all year round, which the decorations and lights of Christmas simply festively join it.

For example, the proud Chueca neighborhood receives a completely different face from the historic center, as we see in the tour following the proud community of Madrid that takes place at night, when the lights are on. Not far from it, the Malasaña neighborhood is decorated in a different way, and also there in the nightlife tour we can enjoy the lighting that makes Madrid so family-friendly and warm on Christmas days.

Why Free Walking Tour in Madrid is the best way to see christmas lights?

In the historic center of classic Madrid, where we pass on our free walking tour without missing a single point, we pass near the largest Christmas tree of lights in Madrid: the famous Puerta del Sol. Every year, in Sol Square in central Madrid, tens of thousands of Madrid people gather on New Year's Eve, and eat the traditional twelve grapes at midnight, symbolizing the twelve months of the new year.

Not far from Puerta del Sol is the Plaza Mayor, Madrid's historical central square. Of course we do not miss it on the free walking tour of classic Madrid. There is also a particularly tall tree of lights, and in addition on the three huge floors of the building that surrounds the square there are huge electric candles that produce a comforting light on the cold nights of Christmas time.

Best Tours in Madrid ends right in the right place

At the end of the free walking tour in the center of classic Madrid we arrive at the Opera Square, Isabel II Square. Also there its special tree corresponds with the opera house, and with red flower decorations makes it one of the most special and beautiful Christmas trees in Madrid.

All the way during the free walking tour of classic Madrid, as well as the free "La Casa de Papel" tour that follow the mystery of the Spanish gold in the city center and El Retiro Park, we pass under hundreds of meters of unique decorations, and you may remember for yourself where you want to go back when it gets dark, and the lights will warm your soul as the high city of Madrid cold winter on Christmas times tries to penetrate your bones.

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