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A Spanish food tour is not a tour if it is not the sweetest possible!

When people think of a Spanish food tour, the first thing that pops into their head is Paella of course. Paella is the most Spanish dish there is. The rice casserole laden with spices and seafood has almost become the second name of Spanish cuisine.

But in our opinion, and in the opinion of other Spanish locals who understand a thing or two about gastronomy, there is a small miss here. Spanish cuisine would not have been so special without its special sweets. On our sweets tour, we will meet only some of them, and they will be just a glimpse into the wonderful world of Spanish sweets.

The sweets we taste on a Spanish food tour in Madrid are much more than just food – they are a whole story in one bite

During our food tour following the sweets, we are not content only with tasting. It may be the most important thing during the tour (and don't tell us you don't like sweets! We don't believe anyone who says such a thing!), But it's definitely not the only thing.

Each of the sweet tastings during the tour will be accompanied by fascinating historical stories, forbidden love affairs, royal gossip and military history. This is basically what makes our sweet Spanish food tour so special: it is not just a leap from dessert to dessert, but it is a leap between centuries, between important figures, between different provinces of Spain. And also between flavors.

When it comes to desserts and sweets, Spanish cuisine is becoming much more geographically diverse

Spanish geography is fascinating, and can sometimes be confusing. On the one hand it is a peninsula with characteristics common to the whole area. On the other hand, the area is so large that it is not surprising that the differences between the north and the south, between the center and the periphery, between the coastal cities and the mountains, are so great.

The history of the conquests of the peninsula only adds another mess to the mess. And the sugar went through all these hardships along with the Spanish people. And all of these do not remain just above the pages of the history textbooks. They penetrated directly into the kitchen, and directly into the patisseries.

During our sweet Spanish food tour, we taste sweets from all over the peninsula. Oh, and there are drinks, too. And everything is included in the price of the tour, without small print and without surprises.

So want to taste the sweets with the most exotic stories of Spain? Sign up today for one of our sweet tours in Madrid, and you will discover with us all the sweetest secrets.

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