6 Best Reasons to Take Free Walking Tours in Madrid

Free walking tours in Madrid are more economic

1. Because it is more economic

This reason is perhaps the most obvious. A free walking tour in a new city you have just reached as Madrid can open your mind for the rest of your visit, help you get to know the city better – while adjusting it to your own budget. So even if you come on a pampering trip with luxury hotels and costly restaurants, or if you arrive for a more economical visit, you have nothing to stop you from joining a free walking tour in Madrid and enjoying the high quality at the price set by you.

Free walking tours in Madrid makes giuides work harder

2. Because the guide tries harder

Since a free walking tour in Madrid is based on the tips of the travelers, the guide has an excellent incentive to try and get the best out of themselves during the whole tour. In fact, the best free tours always create wonderful friendships between the guide and the group members, so that your accompaniment throughout the visit will help you a lot.

Free walking tours in Madrid have higher cost-benefit

3. Because you determine the cost-benefit ratio

On all sites that offer ratings of experiences and trips, like Trip Advisor, Google, Get Your Guide and more, one of the popular parameters for ranking is the cost-benefit ratio: how much fun I had versus how much I paid. What is so beautiful and true about free walking tours in Madrid, is that this ratio is by definition always the best, because you set it! Did you enjoy it very much? Treat the guide! Did you enjoy a little less? You can leave a token payment only.

Free walking tours in Madrid have more intimate atmosphere

4. Because the atmosphere is more intimate

On free tours in Madrid the atmosphere is light-hearted, because the guide tends to create intimacy in the group, and because no one has paid yet (who likes to pay? We are always in a better mood if we do not pay). The family atmosphere always creates fun opportunities to continue your visit, and in many cases individuals, couples and groups meet during the visit to Madrid for a continued experience together after participating in the free tours in Madrid.

5. Because it generates more equality in access to quality tours

This is our favorite reason! Each and every one comes to their trip with a certain budget, related to their financial background, their salary, and also how much they have been hurt by the Covid-19 crisis. Instead of a tour price being fixed, and producing in advance an exclusion for some tourists – a free walking tour in Madrid based on tips allows those with the means to pay more, and subsidize the quality content for those who have less means. This way everybody can enjoy the best free tours in Madrid!

Free walking tours in Madrid have a huge variaty nowadays

6. Because nowadays the variety of free tours in Madrid is much wider

If once the free tours in Madrid were just an introduction to the city, today the variety is much wider. At City Secreto you will find the best free tours in Madrid, with three unique tours that will leave you with a taste of more:

The classic Madrid free walking tour, which deals mainly with the history of Madrid and the old city;

The free graffiti tour, which includes a visit to the underground neighborhoods of Madrid;

And the only tour of its kind in the world – the free walking tour following the "La Casa de Papel" series ("money heist") of Netflix, which also passes through the famous El Retiro Park, with riddles, games and prizes.

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Free walking tours in Madrid are fun!

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