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A Free Guided Tour of Classic Madrid Reveals: Madrid Post-Covid Is Still the Same Madrid

The truth must be told. Madrid is one of the cities that has suffered the most from the Covid-19 plague. And to a large extent, rehabilitation is still ahead of us. But, contrary to what you might think, a free guided tour of classic Madrid will reveal to you the optimistic picture. The truth is that Madrid after the Covid era is still the same Madrid. Maybe a little different, but a different version of the same thing.

Our tour has actually not changed at all. Instead, we learn to see how the plague affected some of the characteristics of the city. And more importantly - what even the largest global epidemic of our time has failed to affect.

What do you see in a free guided tour of classic Madrid that is related to the recent period?

So on the one hand it's true, Madrid remains the same classic and beloved Madrid. But still we are in the midst of a dramatic event on an international scale, and it cannot be ignored. As part of the tour we touch on a variety of aspects related to it.

Among other things, as part of the free tour of classic Madrid we pass the most famous square in the city, Puerta del Sol. There, along with a number of other signs, is a sign referring to the victims of the plague in Madrid. There we will also talk about what probably caused the epidemic to break out so strongly in Madrid compared to other cities in Spain and Europe.

And what remains the same after all?

As promised, most things remained the same. Madrid is still the same Madrid. Of diverse and fascinating architecture. Of a history that ranged from unprecedented imperialism to smaller monarchies. And of course, of unique food and drinks that reflect the history, geography and different cultures that make up Madrid.

Even these days, we invite you to enjoy a free guided tour of classic Madrid. As one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and Europe, which has gone through so many things - the Covid is beatable.

So true, there are some businesses that have had to close. Even some very classic. And the streets that were once bustling with locals and tourists have taken down a bit of their volume. But what Madrid has proven in this period, is that once you have the magic - it remains for all generations.

Do not believe? Come with us and see for yourself!

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