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3 Reasons to Take the Prado and Reina Sofia Guided Tour

Many tourists who come to Madrid are debating, quite rightly, whether it is worth taking a Prado and Reina Sofia Museums guided tour. You can always go alone, take your time, and enjoy the freedom to see paintings at your own pace.

But, there is something very special about a guided tour. At least on our guided tour. And how are we so sure of that? Behind us are hundreds of customers who have already tried and received the proof.

In order for you to understand us better, we have prepared especially for you the main reasons that make us so confident in ourselves. There are lots of other reasons! But here are the main ones laid out before you.

1. Because on the Prado and Reina Sofia guided tour you will get a more complete picture about the paintings

Our guided tour of the Prado and Reina Sofia Museum was built based on a method we developed over years of guidance. In each of the paintings we visit, we talk about a number of important aspects. The history of the artist, the history of the painting, and its artistic aspect, or what makes it so special and famous.

So want to know under what circumstances did Velázquez, Goya and Picasso operate? Curious to know when and why the "2nd and 3rd in May" were painted? Want to finally understand what makes "Las Meninas" an international pilgrimage site? Your place is with us!

2. Because we understand that in art tours, sometimes less is much more

The Prado Museum has many thousands of paintings, all of which are good and famous. The Reina Sofia Museum has several thousand more. So how do I choose? What to See? And how can one end the tour without dying of fatigue?

Our tour is the perfect balance between quantity and quality. We will see a limited number of several dozen paintings. But each of them is not only important in itself, but sheds light on many other parts of these museums in particular, and on the history of art in general.

3. Because we talk to everyone at eye level, and understand that each one has different eyes

We had adults and we had young guys. Even children. There were people who were into art, and there were those who really did not understand half a thing in the field. With us, there is no need to come with prior knowledge. But everyone gets the personal treatment to get the most out of the tour.

Anyone who is on their first time on a tour that deals so much with art and the history of art, will find the explanations fascinating and at a level that suits them. And those who already know (or at least think they do) will surely get an unforgettable enrichment.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today for our Prado and Reina Sofia guided tour. In 3-4 hours you too will become art experts, and like many others you will return to these museums, this time as well-informed people.


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