"Money Heist" Experience in Madrid: Why is the leader of Spain's gold robbery is Argentine?

The whole world has been waiting excitedly for the new season of "La Casa de Papel" (Money Heist), the successful series of Netflix that takes place in Madrid. This season, the focus is on the Spanish gold, one of the countries with the most gold reserves in the world.

Best "money heist" experience in Madrid, with games, prizes and explenations

The creators had an interesting choice about the identity of the person leading the robbery in the bank of Spain in Madrid – instead of a Spanish character, like all other robbers, they chose an Argentine pirate, known as Palermo.

Were there any missing Spanish actors or actresses, or was the choice actually deliberate?

"Money Heist" experience in Madrid reveals many secrets about the series

As we talk in our free walking tour in Madrid, more than half of Spain's current gold reserves are gold imported from America. No, not for a charge of course. It was simply taken from there as part of the Spanish conquest journeys. We believe, as we explain in the free walking tour following the "La Casa de Papel" in Madrid, that the choice of a South American robber is intentional – in fact, who is the robber here and who is being robbed?..

As part of the free walking tour following the "La Casa de Papel" in Madrid, we see of course the Bank of Spain, the real place of the gold reserves that appear in the series. Next to it, not far from Park El Retiro (to which we also enter during the free tour), in the middle of Cibeles Square, there is a large and famous fountain. The water of the fountain is really linked in reality to the Spanish gold protection system, as demonstrated in the series "La Casa de Papel"…

Cibeles Funtain, part of the tour and experience of the "money Heist" series in Madrid

On the other side of the fountain, there is the "House of America" ("Casa de America"), a center that connects the cultures of Spain and Latin American countries. Perhaps through the conferences being held there today, Spain is trying to make positive connections, compared to the conquests of the 15th century.

How can I join the best "Money Heist" experience in Madrid?

Want more details on the history of Spanish gold and its protection system? Want to visit the important points related to the "La Casa de Papel" masterpiece series?

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During the tour travelers will have to compete with each other for cracking the code for a real treasure safe, and the prize – surly worth the effort :-)

The lake in El Retiro park, where we finish the journey of our Money Heist Experience in Madrid

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