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Madrid to Toledo Bus? Think About It Again...

Toledo, one of the most fascinating cities in Spain, is located not far from the capital Madrid. As we see in our tour of Toledo, it is really not a coincidence. Many tourists who come to Madrid want to take a Madrid to Toledo bus.

But, if you're already coming, shouldn’t you join a guided tour?

Just to help you decide, we have put together for you the main reasons. The main reasons why we recommend that you, if you are already taking a short bus from Madrid to Toledo, do so as part of a guided tour. So go ahead, let's get going!

1. A Madrid to Toledo bus can be much more than just a trip - with the explanations on the way

Toledo, besides being a charming city, is located in one of the most enchanting provinces of Spain. The province is, of course, Castilla de la Mancha. If this does not sound familiar to you, you should go back in time to literature classes...

During the bus ride you can be impressed by the spectacular views. See how the landscape is slowly changing its face. And get an impression at first glance of the historical districts in which lived and acted (okay, lived and acted allegedly) the most famous knight in history.

2. To really get to know the important points of Toledo it is very worthwhile to join the tour

And if we've been to Toledo, it worth the time, isn't it? Old Toledo may not be big, but its winding alleys are full of surprises. It is very easy to miss them if you wander alone.

Without a doubt, it is possible to complete an entire visit to Toledo and go through the famous places only with the help of Google or even just wandering the streets. But if you want to not lose the added value of Toledo, the hidden secrets of the little alleys, do not give up the guided tour.

3. A perfect balance between a tour schedule and free time in the city

And finally, you should also get to know our special recipe. The recipe for balancing the guided tour of Toledo with free time.

Those who want to independently take a Madrid to Toledo bus, usually worry that if they join a guided tour they will not be able to enjoy free time in the city. The situation is really not like that with us! At the end of the guided tour of the city, you get an hour of free time. As a bonus, we also give free tips so you know where to go. And most interesting - where to eat.

This is only a partial list! Want to know more about why you should join us in Toledo?

Enter now for more details, or sign up today for a tour of Toledo departing from Madrid, and join the thousands of already satisfied visitors.


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