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3 Best Surprises That Await You on The Free City Tour of Madrid

So what else can be renewed on a free city tour of Madrid – you are probably asking yourself. And if we were not in City Secreto, we would probably also be on your side. That's right, you can walk alone to Sol Square, you can continue from there completely independent to Mayor Square. But still, there is something in our tour that makes it different from the rest.

To help you not get lost in all this goodness, we have prepared for you a short list of surprises. And no, those are not all surprises we offer. But just want to give you a peek, so that you, like many other tourists, can make the right choice for you. Ready? Let's get going!

Get to know the best free viewpoint of Madrid – from all directions

In the heart of Madrid city center, there is a large building that offers an amazing view of the entire city. So if it's such a good viewpoint, it probably costs money, no? So the answer is – thankfully not at all!

Our free city tour in Madrid starts with this viewpoint, so you can get an impression of the city from the bird’s eye view. We will be able to see from above all the places we will visit during the tour, and also those that are not. This way you can at the end of the tour continue alone to places that interest you and we will not go through them. But at least you got to know them from above!

What is the connection between writers, alleys and… pee?

Every self-respecting city tour passes through the center of Madrid's old town. You will also be impressed by the spectacular alleys of the oldest part of Madrid, the area that was built even before Madrid was a capital city.

But not every tour provides the spiciest anecdotes of the city of Madrid. In one of the alleys, we see an innocent-looking corner, which many tourists pass by. But it is precisely about it that we have a fascinating story about the connection between witty and sharp-tongued writers, neighbors who are angry at passers-by, and whether there is no easy way to say it – pee.

The only free city tour of Madrid that includes a culinary tasting – completely for free

Our tour, based on tips only, is the only one on the market that will offer you a unique culinary taste as part of the tour. In one of the most beautiful spots, with a view of one of the most impressive and beautiful buildings in the center of Madrid.

Want to know what classic Spanish dish it is? We do not so easily discover all our secrets...

Join our free city tour of Madrid today, and enjoy a variety of surprises that you will not get anywhere else. Yes yes, we have checked.

Waiting for you with the red umbrella :-)


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