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The Developing Neighborhoods In The Center Of Madrid - The New Vibrant Center Of The City

The international phenomenon of Developing neighborhoods in the city center has aroused more and more curiosity in recent years. And it's not for nothing. Many of us have already traveled in the classic cities of Europe. We saw the Victory Gate in Berlin. The Eiffel Tower in Paris. And Buckingham Palace in London.

Today is the time for the regenerating neighborhoods. More and more tourists are looking for the more special neighborhoods. The great advantage of Madrid in this matter, is that it is undoubtedly a world leader in the field. Our free graffiti and street art tour will take you to the most interesting neighborhoods in Madrid, Spain and perhaps the whole of Europe.

Lavapiés neighborhood – the black market that has become colorful

The most prominent example in Madrid of the phenomenon of regenerating neighborhoods in the city center is without a doubt the Lavapiés neighborhood. The neighborhood that was once the focus of the black market that was out of town, has become an international hub of diversity.

Infinity of colors, smells, tastes, sounds and faces from all over the world make the neighborhood what it is today. Its famous graffiti culture is just one element that helps us, the visitors, get a glimpse into the inner world of the people who make up the neighborhood.

La Latina neighborhood - the only neighborhood in Madrid named after a woman, where the quiet feminist revolution takes place

In Madrid, one of the largest parades of Women's Day is held every year. In another neighborhood, one of the largest pride parades in the world takes place. But where do the revolutions between one parade and another take place?

As we see in our free graffiti and street art tour, the La Latina neighborhood and the Lavapiés neighborhood, as part of being developing neighborhoods in the city center, have engraved on their banner equal rights. Equality between men and women. Equality of rights for the LGBTQ community. And above all – equality between different colors of skin.

Neighborhoods tell touching stories about protests that have broken out, about immigrants who have not been given the basic rights they deserve, and about a shelter for women that helps promote equality. And all these and more, can be seen in the most unmediated way possible, through street art and graffiti. These are, without a doubt, the beating heart of the neighborhoods.

Want to discover all the secrets of the developing neighborhoods of Madrid city center? Sign up today for the free graffiti and street art tour of Madrid, and join a multi-sensory adventure in the heart of Madrid.


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