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Classic Madrid Free Tour - Could It Be That Special?

Veteran travelers in the market are probably already familiar with the concept if the free tours. In almost every city or town around the world, free tours based on tips pop up one after the other. So what could be so special about a free tour of classic Madrid that we provide?

Here at City Secreto we thought very well about how we can bring a new experience to our travelers. We love to guide, love to take groups and tours so much, and our customers always come back to the hotel or home with a big smile on their face. Then we found out what the winning formula was. Our tours, including the classic tour, are based on two main elements that make all the difference: uncompromising professionalism, and indulging our clients.

In the Classic Madrid Free Tour professionalism is above all

The tourists who come to Madrid, whether they have come for a few days or for a long period, want to be able to get to know the classic Madrid well. Therefore, our guides are carefully trained to bring you as much of the important aspects of the city as possible during the three hours of the tour.

The tour talks about the fascinating history of the royal houses, about the unique geography of the highest capital city in the European Union, and addresses the diverse architecture of the city. The guide's deep acquaintance with the city, which stems from the fact that the guide is local, causes all the information to pass in the best way from them to you.

ndulgence is no less important – only with us do you get free surprises

The second foundation of our success is indulgence. With us at "City Secreto" we first of all giving. Before receiving. Regardless of how much tips you decide to put at the end of the tour, with each tour you get surprises (hint: delicious surprises) – and everything is at our expense.

In addition, for all our customers, both those who sign up for the free tours, and those who sign up for paid tours, we offer a number of benefits. Customers can download free guides from our site for the benefit of their visit to the city. And, we provide discounts and benefits in a variety of places in Madrid – even before you get to the city!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today for our free tour of classic Madrid, and discover with us all the secrets in a professional way, with lots of treats and endless surprises.

Our tours, including the Classic Madrid Free Tour, are based on two main elements that make all the difference: uncompromising professionalism, and indulging our clients. Read more about our special offers.


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