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The sweet side of Madrid

Everybody knows Tapas, but actually Sweets occupy an important part of Spain history. Madrid culture has an strong heritage of bakeries, patisseries and candy shops. Some of them has been making sweets for more than a 100 years ago or even more. It is possible to taste and experience this ancient delicacies in our special Sweet Tour that will take you to a journey of sweets across time.

Since the days of the colonialism, the overseas territories of the kingdom of Spain were bringing new flavors to Europe. The tastes of Spanish dishes change forever when new products like Sugar or Chocolate came to the old continent. but even before that, Madrid already had several desserts made of Almond and nuts.

Famous treats like Turrón are still among the most appreciate. Different recipes of mix almonds and nuts have change to create new versions of this sweet.

Chocolate con Churros became a tradition icon among spaniards.You must come and try them, we will show you the best of the churrerias.

Royal bakery's, special desserts and hidden local delicacies are waiting for you in our special Sweets Tour. Curiosities not even known by many Madrileños, the ancient story of sweets in Madrid is waiting for you.

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