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Money Heist tour in Madrid is an experience you must have

The secrets of Money Heist are revealed in one of the most successful Madrid Tours

Are you a big fan of Money Heist, Media entertainment or the city of Madrid? Then this is a tour you must visit!

Money Heist was aired in Spain for the first time in 2015 and from that day on it became a massive success around the world. This Netflix blockbuster show became the most viewed Spanish series of all times. Now, in 2023 the legacy survives through one of the best tours in Madrid, Money Heist Tour.

Director Alex Pina and his team choose amazing locations in the heart of Madrid for the filming and developing of Money Heist story. This series is absolutely connected with Spanish life, with tons of references around the city. To fully understand them come to Money Heist tour, even the most loyal fans are surprise with the hidden things inside the series.

Highly important landmarks like Banco de España and Cines Callao melt with other not so obvious locations to host the thrilling story of Money Heist. Our professional guides will take you to have an immersive experience and walk around the areas where the production crew and actors made Money Heist the most important Spanish series of all times.

Important icons of the series like the Red Jumpsuit, the Dali Mask and even the nicknames for each character became a trademark of Money Heist. Many secrets are still waiting to be found, many streets waiting to be walked and we are waiting for you to join us in Money Heist Tour. A perfect activity for the entire family, around the most important locations of Madrid. Join Us now!

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