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Madrid update urban areas with new street art festivals and graffiti exhibitions

Starting in May 2022 several art collectives of Madrid went out to the streets to bring art to the walls again. The group Madrid Street Art Project brought a new edition of the festival C.A.L.L.E, more than 50 artists got together to revitalize urban art in Madrid.

This graffiti exhibition took place around the best streets of Madrid related to street art, in the neighborhood of Lavapies. It is precisely in this neighborhood where our street art tour takes place. This afternoon tour is focused on the best urban art pieces in Madrid.

Graffiti in Madrid is a big thing.

Urban Art artists like Okuda, D-Face or El Rey de la ruina, are some of the names that have had their art pieces in the streets of lavapies for several years already. Graffiti keeps making life among madrileños, always in constant evolution and going to new areas of the city.

Popular places in Madrid like the art center La Tabacalera, Calle Argumosa or San Fernando market, places we will visit during our street art tour. Only a few meters away from the Reina Sofia museum and very close to the apartment where Pablo Picasso used to live 100 years ago, we can find nowadays many street art pieces that give Madrid a particular style that mix urban art and living history.



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