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Madrid is the hotspot for Money Heist fans around the world

Madrid is the only place where a bank robbery and a heist are one of the most wanted experiences for a vacation adventure.

It's been some years since Money Heist took

control all over the world and became one of the most successful Netflix series of all time. Characters like The Professor, Tokyo or Berlin became legends and their story a Myth. Madrid stands for its beauty, prestige and wealth, the perfect place for Money Heist to happen. Right in Madrid center you can find interesting Money heist locations all over the city.

Director Alex Pina chose Madrid for the Money Heist filming, and even taking it a step further and turning it from the Money Heist location to be another of the main characters. Madrid is an essential ingredient in the process of making Money Heist the most successful European series ever. Iconic Madrid places like Bank of Spain, Plaza de Callao or Círculo de Bellas Artes are some of the places that can be visited in a special behind the scenes Money Heist Tour.

Just imagine yourself having the opportunity to wear the red jumpsuit and a Dali Mask in one of the most important Money Heist locations like the Bank of Spain. Without a doubt the Money Heist filming brought to Madrid streets an extra hype. Behind every corner might be a new clue, a new Money Heist location to be discovered, or even a friendly encounter with the actors and actress. Enjoy some vinos and tapas in the city that brings Money Heist behind the scenes come alive during your vacation time.


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