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Madrid Christmas Markets 2022

One of the most iconic traditions in Europe is christmas markets. This special event that happens every year started in Germany during the Middle Ages. Nowadays this markets happens all over Europe.

Madrid christmas markets are making a nice impact among the many people that comes to enjoy them. Right now christmas markets season has officially started. The biggest markets in Madrid are located in Plaza Mayor and Plaza España. Madrid itself gets highly decorated with tons of lights, colors and wonderful music performances.

Christmas food, drinks, and sweets are the most attractive elements of the markets. Not only Spanish recipes but also delicacies from all over the world.

Classic christmas decoration like christmas trees and bright lights add a magical festive atmosphere to the city.

Let’s not forget the religious meaning of christmas. One of the most. important Spanish tradition is “El Belen”, a figurine representation of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The biggest “Belen” is placed every year at Puerta del Sol, next to the building of the presidency of Madrid community.

Regardless you enjoy more the atmosphere or the food, Madrid christmas markets are a wonderful experience to enjoy with friends and family. Come to Madrid and celebrate christmas 2022 with all of us.

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