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Free tours, the best plan in Madrid

The city of Madrid is proudly having a great recovery after the 2020 coronavirus crisis

It seems like a long time ago since Madrid had it's streets empty. Tourism has spiked in the country, welcoming more than 30 millions visitors in the first 6 months of 2022. Spain capital is among the top most visited destinations in Europe and we wonder if you already know what’s the best of Madrid?

Walking around is the best way to explore the secrets of Spain’s capital and all the things Madrid has to offer. Fell in love with the best of Madrid by the hand of our amazing local guides. Free tours are a very popular way to know a city nowadays and Madrid is not the exception.

Join our free tours around Madrid center to discover the secrets of this beautiful and historic city. Every street has its own special story to tell, decorated with a well preserved architecture that goes way back centuries ago. A vibrant mix of cultures, bringing to date the echoes of the great spanish empire, “The empire where the sun never sets”.

Around Madrid center our local guides will make you feel as a real madrileño, walking and sharing experiences of the many stories related to Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor or the Royal Palace of Madrid. Even if you already visited Spain, this experience will change your perspective of the best things of Madrid, it’s delicious food, passionate nightlife with a very warm welcome by our Madrid local guides


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