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New emerging artist in Madrid Street Art life

Discover new Street Artist in our Graffiti and Street Art Tour

Art in Madrid is everywhere. Famous museums like Museo Del Prado or Museo Reina Sofía are worldwide known. For centuries it has been the place for painters, sculptors and artisans. But what about now? In this 2023 we invite you join us in our Graffity and Street Art tour to appreciate the new artist, styles and trends in Madrid street art scene. It is easy to imagine how famous this artist could become in the future. Decades ago, the streets of cities like London or New York were the birthplace of now famous artist like Banksy, Obey or D*face. Nowadays, some of this artist have art pieces around Madrid most artistic neighborhoods, like La Latina or Lavapiés.

In another positive perspective to the Madrid Street Art scene , some of this artist have decided to group in art collectives or art teams to intervene different areas of the cities.

To be able to do this, Madrid government allows them to organize art festivals like Pinta Lavapiés or Pinta Malasaña, days for artists to present themselves and their works.

If you want to know more about his artist, the events and more, come join our Graffity and Street Art Tour and enjoy the emerging artist in Madrid streets.



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