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Free graffiti tour of the Lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid - the only one of its kind for free

Everyone who lives in Madrid knows: Madrid's graffiti is a huge thing there. Not just because it is well done and beautiful. Not just because it's touching. But mainly because it integrates optimally with the place where it is painted. That's why our free graffiti tour takes place in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid.

An important characteristic of graffiti in general and of graffiti in Madrid in particular, is the fact that it belongs to everyone. After all, this is not an exclusive art. Graffiti is not a closed club. There are (almost) no graffiti works inside a museum. The graffiti belongs to the street people, and the street people belong to the graffiti.

Making a free graffiti tour in Madrid accessible to everyone is doing justice to the graffiti world

That is why we chose to offer our quality tour – for free. Yes yes, you read that right. Our graffiti tour is the only one of its kind offered for free. And not for nothing. It is part of what we believe in.

We believe that among the existing types of art, placing a financial barrier to access to graffiti is doing injustice to the graffiti world. In our opinion, graffiti should be accessible to everyone, from all parts of society, and to all types of tourists who come to Madrid.

Graffiti is the art of the street people, and as such everyone deserves to enjoy it equally. At the end of the tour, everyone appreciates the tour, and depending on their financial capabilities – chooses how much to pay for it.

What makes our graffiti tour so special?

Our free graffiti tour excels in several areas. First of all, as we said it is the only one that is free. However, do not let this fact fool you. The tour is quality – and check it out. Perhaps what testifies to this most of all is the fact that the professional tour guide is a resident of the neighborhood of Lavapiés. Someone who really came from the field.

Besides, we also have some particularly surprising culinary surprises throughout the tour. Don't worry, whenwe say free tour – we mean it. Tasting on us. What exactly is the taste? We will not write everything here. Still, we do not easily reveal all our secrets...

Want to discover all the local Secretos? Sign up today for one of our free graffiti tours in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid, and you are guaranteed to be left with a taste of more.


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